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We made our vision a reality and created the Advanced Omnichannel Strategy, which empowers you to interact more precisely with your prospects based on unique information. This allows you to run the most powerful marketing activities ever.

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External superheroes taking responsibility


External superheroes taking responsibility

Looking for experienced Omnichannel professionals to establish a relevant market share in DACH?

  • mmmore. is your external marketing department with incredible know-how in all the relevant channels such as E-Commerce, Social Media, PR, Events/Fairs, Email Marketing, Website, SEO, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Advertising
  • mmmore. sets up the right marketing strategy and a phenomenal branding to skyrocket your company
  • mmmore. integrates within your organization and takes responsibility to reach all of your goals
  • mmmore. has experience in these major industries in DACH: automotive, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, pharmaceutical, retail, e-commerce, hospitality, travel and finance
  • mmmore. sees marketing from the eagle perspective and takes data driven decisions to optimize performance permanently to current company relevancies

More followers and engagement to thrive your brand


More followers and engagement to thrive your brand

Looking for the best social media marketing to generate more likes, shares and purchases?

  • mmmore. sets radical new standards with the most intelligent social media advertising
  • mmmore. has connections to the top influencers on social media 
  • mmmore. loves social media so we will elevate your brand by creating the most liked, shared and converting content for your audience
  • mmmore. provides the best customer experience with a smart community management system
  • mmmore. matches you with leading brands to use the advantage and effectiveness of new existing collaborations

Better visibility to generate high converting inbound leads


Better visibility to generate high converting inbound leads

Looking for new customers that find you on Google?

  • mmmore. created its own Google Marketing process for higher rankings in almost no time
  • mmmore. owns one of the best SEO teams in the industry
  • mmmore. uses Google Analytics to take data driven decisions and optimize strategies to save budgets
  • mmmore. dominates Google Advertising to ramp up high qualified inbound leads
  • mmmore. sets up your Google My Business account to generate positive customer reviews for more social proof & trust and better conversion rates

Higher conversion rates for your website and online shop


Higher conversion rates for your website and online shop

Looking for a better customer experience to increase your conversion rates and generate more revenue?

  • mmmore. turns your website or online shop into an automated revenue generator by designing the most effective online marketing for your brand
  • mmmore. knows how to set up the best customer experience on every single touchpoint throughout the customer journey for a lasting revenue performance
  • mmmore. develop high converting campaigns for your website or online store that turns your investment into earnings
  • mmmore. brings in fitting traffic and takes care of every potential customer and nurtures them with marketing automation via email marketing, advertising or personal messaging

Sexy content people love and follow


Sexy content people love and follow

Looking for a way to translate your vision into content at the highest level of aesthetics?

  • mmmore. transforms your vision into reality with one of the best design teams in Europe
  • mmmore. is the right marketing department to create your fit for your audience how they will see, speak and hear about your brand
  • mmmore. loves video, photography, graphic design and texting so it's guaranteed you look & sound good to your audience in every marketing campaign
  • mmmore. empowers your brand so people love to follow you and crave for more

Faster applications and the best employer experience


Faster applications and the best employer experience

Looking for new team members that love you from the first sight?

  • mmmore. makes you relevant for those who are interested but wants to know you better
  • mmmore. listens to future employees and help them understand the value of your brand
  • mmmore. tells the world why you’re worth it and generates new applications for your company growth 
  • mmmore. automates your recruiting process by using the right tools and processes
  • mmmore. helps by developing your perfect onboarding process for new employees to start over in realtime

How we reinvent your marketing.

We are the one and only external marketing department that is seamlessly integrated with your organization and has the best professionals available in the DACH market.

Our clients give us the responsibility to take over their marketing. Through our 10 years of experience as “the marketing experts”, we always went further and therefore, we have created three radically rethought service products. We fully packed these products with our best practices, important lessons learned and improved them like a MarketingOS which is constantly updating. This guarantees you updates included and the best industry knowledge you can now integrate within your organization.

By designing “services as a product” we deliver convincing results and stunning creative campaigns. We strongly believe that forward thinking campaigns combined with people, who have the capabilities and love what they do, ensure the best customer loyalty and extraordinary results. 

Patrick Lindner, CEO


Start smarter marketing in the heart of Europe.


This is where the magic happens and your brand develops its soul. Your brand identity is created from scratch or gets a revamp just the way it fits to your strategy. It makes sure your customers & employees will have a relationship with your company and the best brand experience. Your personal vision combined with a strong unique selling proposition defined and structured.


This is where customers get excited and see, hear and maybe feel you for the first time. Emotional Intelligence content is created to get inspired and motivated to like, share and recommend within your network.


They test and test and test and optimize every single detail within a campaign along the way to reach, rank and identify the perfect audience. With every impression and engagement your conversion rate brings in the money and creates your future revenue.


This marketing department is the best you can have.

We speak the owners
club language.

At mmmore. we own an extraordinary vita with many lessons learned and lots of success stories at the best brands worldwide. We take full responsibility for every activity and create successful demand for your brand to guarantee permanent growth.

We have relevant
industry know-how.

Every talent at mmmore. provides more than 10 years of experience within all industries. This empowers you to hire the best marketing professionals in Europe. 

We are seamlessly
integrated with your

Full overview and the freedom to decide, create and execute is our most powerful selling proposition. We speak "entrepreneur" and integrate ourselves into your entire organization as your new marketing department. We just love success.

We’ve created our own
marketing concept strategy.

We invented the advanced omnichannel marketing strategy including “emotional intelligence content” and “data driven decisions” which allows you to use the best marketing strategy on the market. Welcome to your future of marketing.


Please apply if…

… your revenue is greater than 5 Mio. USD per year.

… you are the owner of the company.

… you handover your whole marketing strategy.

… you want to be one of 12 exclusive clients.